Camila Magrane

Camila Magrane is a multimedia artist originally from Caracas, Venezuela. Having a father from the US and a mother from Venezuela, she grew up alternating between both countries. Being fully exposed to two different cultures gave her a greater understanding of what it means to have various perspectives. Film making became the ideal medium for Camila to further explore and reflect on her bi-cultural upbringing.

Camila graduated from the film school “Escuela de Cine y Televisión” in Caracas with an emphasis in film direction. Shortly afterwards she moved back to San Francisco where she worked in the camera department and as an editor in local independent film companies. Camila eventually started freelancing as a director, editor, and camera operator, working on a wide range of fictional films, documentaries, and music videos. She has also earned an Associate’s degree in photography from City College of San Francisco and has exhibited her work in various galleries around the city. Most recently, Camila has been exploring the involvement of technology and interactivity in art which has driven her to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Game Programming. She is currently working as a Cinematic Artist at Telltale Games in San Rafael.

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