Carol Worthington-levy

Carol Worthington-Levy holds a Bachelor of Science in fine art with specialties in painting and fabric arts, and has studied painting and art history at the Tyler School of Art graduate school in Rome, Italy.

Since moving to San Jose, California, she has continued her exploration of fine art, via private mentoring, critique and painting classes at UC Santa Cruz, workshops with the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society, and taking workshops nationwide in painting and collage.

In addition to her two-dimensional art, Carol has branched out into jewelry creation, which she sees as an extension of her collage work.

Her mentors include Christopher Schink, Skip (William) Lawrence, Ned Wert and Mike Bailey. She has taken collage workshops with Gerald Brommer and Carrie Burns Brown. She has also taught Collage.

Carol’s work is found in private collections coast-to-coast and in Europe. Carol is also a member of art collective Beyond the Obvious, and shows with that group.