Caroline Kraus

Caroline Kraus grew up in Cleveland and moved to San Francisco in the 1980’s.

She is fascinated by interaction of color and objects and in re-arranging or photographing them to make something unique and visually striking. For her collages, Caroline collects and cuts out pictures, designs and objects from
everyday cards, menus, ads, flyers, matchbooks: anything that catches her eye. Once all the pieces are arranged and glued, she often completes the work by utilizing a recycled frame from a thrift store. She is often drawn to symbolic objects such as pathways, water, fish, windows, and the all present feminine.

Caroline’s photographs and collages have been displayed in restaurants, beauty salons and store windows in San Francisco.

With no formal artistic training, she has worked most of her life as a psychiatric social worker in a number of different settings. Caroline has been enhancing her current health care environment with her work, creating a pleasant and relaxing space for patients as well as staff. She has sold her collages to psychotherapists and doctors for their offices, and would like to expand her talents to office and waiting room enhancement.