Christine Lemor

Christine Lemor, Aka CHLEM, was an Occupational Therapist in France, using crafts and technology as therapy media. In the US, she worked as a freelance translator and interpreter until she earned her Master certificate in botanical illustration from Mary L. Harden school. She still studies there and works as a botanical artist, painting watercolors and drawing with pen and ink. 
With a grandfather and a mother both painters, she witnessed the joys and struggles of being an artist. Raised in a park, and living a block from the SF Presidio Park, she has always practiced “nature baths”. She now grows “potential models” in her own garden where she can observe the slightest signs of growth and decay. She enjoys studying the intricate mechanics of nature and playing with water, pigment, ink and brush to interpret plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables and trees from live specimens. After raising two children, she enjoys finally nurturing her introvert side while belonging to colonies of artists, selling and loaning her art. She has a studio at the Novato Arts Center, in the Marin MOCA.
Member of ASBA, Marin MOCA, and SFWA.