Connie Cykman

Connie was born and raised in San Francisco, and still lives in the City- she wouldn't want to be anywhere else. She was blessed to be a child at a time that allowed her to roam free, explore her environment and let her imagination be her "muse.” She was blessed to have a mother that is creative and encouraged Connie to be the same. Newspaper paper mache, homemade clay, construction paper, and finger paints were her first "tools of the trade." Many college art classes helped to build upon that  foundation.

So much of Connie’s art is informed by those early days and fascination with the physical world and it's beginnings- i.e. "everything from nothing". Her art has changed over the years- first using representation and text, and more recently using an abstract style. She is still exploring that same concept; as well, she continues to explore the cycling back and forth between energy and matter, between time and space, and between memories and mindfulness. Her intent is to experience the act of creation as opposed to trying to depict it.