Debra Reabock

Debra Reabock is a visual artist and photo philanthropist who makes a difference in the world through connecting creativity with charity and community.

Growing up on the East coast Ms. Reabock was exposed to many different points of view that challenged the notion of " how things are supposed to be". After moving to California she began her philanthropic pursuits. She was drawn to the fluidity of photography as a visual medium for expressing different perspectives. Her creativity comes from the different forms found in nature, architecture and shadows. She takes photos from the "inside out" as her mind's eye can see many possible visible angles. This photographic style captures the unique nature of a subject creating multi-dimensional viewpoints. There is a kinetic quality to many of her photos as they can be rotated exposing another unknown point of view. This e-motion, "energy in motion", reveals a conversation that transcends boundaries and encourages an expanded outlook. Her inspiration and delight come from revealing what's hidden from initial observation.

Debra purposefully combined photography with her vision of using her art to make a difference in the world. As a Photo Philanthropist, she has worked with many organizations including Human Rights Campaign, OutandEqual, Global Housing Foundation, Earn Resources Assets Network, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, ArtsUnbound. These accomplished organizations have benefitted financially from their collaboration with her.

Her work is in private collections in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington DC, Virginia, Minnesota, Utah and California.

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