Etanna Sack

Etanna Sack is one of three core members of the creative entity Radio Free Clear Light. The trio applies a process-oriented approach to all of their creative work, relying heavily on collaboration and technology as an integral part of any process they adopt.

Every piece or project is treated as an experiment or a game with established rules that must be strictly adhered to. In this way attention is reserved for the moment of creation rather than directed toward a final outcome. Form outweighs content and limitation spawns micro-creativity.

Radio Free Clear Light works with several parallel mediums; processed photography, electronic music, literary arts, and video, allowing each discipline to affect the others in unpredictable ways. Inspired by the ideas of John Cage, they work with randomness and isomorphism. Radio Free Clear Light is driven by the impulse to blend visual, audio and textual elements in search of an immersive experience.

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