Farnaz Tasbihgoo

Farnaz was born in Tehran and raised by two architect parents in Iran so she was surrounded by art from a very young. She obtained a degree in Fine art from Azad university at Tehran, Iran and Architecture from Ecole Special D’Architecture Paris, France. With a knowledge that she wanted to pursue art, she dabbled in art, obtained a degree in architecture.

During her undergraduate work, she had some darkroom experience, which helped further her passion for photography. Her true first involvement with a camera was when she was 11 years old. She tries to tell her stories through the camera. Her most fulfilling captured moments in some second happen when deeply entangled in her own thoughts. She creates images from scenes she influence from deep within her awareness that’s her way to tell her feeling and her thoughts.

In her fine art works, she tries to covey a quiet motionlessness of emotion with a connection to her culture and surroundings. She tries to find the line between darkness and light, with photographs full of stories and symbolism she address social issues and focuses on her gender and identity of her past and present as an Iranian woman living out of Iran.