Gina Palmerin

Gina Palmerin, a surreal oil painter, draws deeply into the human spirit and mind with thought provoking figurative, dreamlike compositions. "I'm fascinated with the depiction of the human spirit and emotion and its' connection to the modern world." Gina translates this idea with timeless and powerful imagery. Her inspiration and creativity began as a child raised in a small town in Southern California, "From a young age, I've always felt the need to create...the joy and satisfaction I got from creating something from nothing was the beginning of my creative life". After experimenting with several different mediums, she began oil painting at the age of sixteen. Gina's painting career blossomed in 2006 when she had her first exhibition at the Museum of the Living Artist in San Diego, California. Her work has been featured at Buon Appetito in Little Italy, San Diego, where she had her first solo exhibit and opening night. She since has had several exhibitions from Laguna, CA to Little Italy's famous Artwalk and San Diego's Artwalk on the Bay where Gina was one of the top participating artists. She won the Peoples' Choice Awards at the Rancho Santa Fe Art Rhythm and Wine event for fall 2015.


Her work resides in several private collections throughout the U.S., including Scottsdale, AZ, Fallbrook, CA, San Diego, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Paramus, NJ, and Brooklyn, NY. Her current work is oil on wood panel with embellishments of silver and gold leaf.

She currently resides in San Francisco, California with her beloved husband.