Hongjuan Wu

My name is Qiong Wu. I’m an Academy of Art University student, and my major is painting. My family has consistently influenced my creativity and art. I was born into an artistic family in Chifeng in northern China, surrounded by ancient culture. Both my grandfather and my father worked in the antique business. Therefore, this has been a good background for my art because it naturally encouraged my creativity. As a child, I drew a lot of line drawings from observing antiques.

My vision changed after I saw my older cousin’s artwork when I was in middle school. I can still remember it clearly: It was a charcoal drawing of a girl with short black hair, and big bright eyes. It was beautiful and alive. That was the first time seeing a western style drawing. I decided I only wanted to make art that has meaning & reflects my vision.

Even though I liked fine art initially, gave it up and majored in advertising design in 2006, and received my bachelor’s degree from Shanghai Film Art Academy in 2009. I soon realized advertising design is too commercial, and it required thinking too much about the clients’ opinions when working on projects. On the contrary, my every work is only my personal opinion. My aim is to make my graduate work my own subject matter, not someone else.

After several years of design study, I found my direction of art, I wanted to be a realistic painter, and in 2011, I enrolled in the Fine Art department at Grand Lebrun International in Bordeaux, France.

I started to learn more about western culture when living in France from March 2011 to January 2013. I was also interested in studying in San Francisco because it’s open-minded. I actually really wanted to know how combining classic and modern art would affect my style. After my studies in France, I joined the Academy In March 2013. I’ve had at least three classes every semester, and now, in my seventh semester, I know how to make a book, how to draw with different materials and how to use color. It has been a great journey. These experiences in various cultures, and in different cities, have inspired me. The impact of seeing both Chinese and western cultures gives me more ideas, and I aim to combine the knowledge and experiences to create my own work and vision.

Through all of this, my experiences have propelled me toward a career in art. My path to the art world is like connecting the dots, and I trust they will connect me to the future. Website