Jane Alexander-perry

Jane Alexander-Perry was raised in an atmosphere of New York’s Modern Art movement of the 1960’s. Her mother was an influential art educator and television producer who introduced her to the work of artists such as Larry Rivers, Franz Kline, Willem de Kooning, Louise Nevelson, and Andy Warhol. These early exposures greatly influenced her later style.

Beginning as a fashion stylist for the photographer, Bert Stern, Jane’s transition to fine art photography was inevitable. Her photographic style has been most closely compared to the work of Andre Kertesz, who reviewed and admired her Soho shadow series. Jane’s B&W photographic work has been exhibited in New York and Chicago.

In the 80s Jane began painting on photographs, and in the 90s and early 2000s she taught and exhibited in the San Francisco Bay Area. Not simply satisfied with traditional hand-coloring, she developed a more painterly approach to her work. Her work has appeared in Galleries from New York to California.

Using mixed media techniques combining photographic bits with acrylic on canvas, Jane’s most recent work references her fascination with ideas from quantum physics and neuroscience expressed through mixed media and abstract painting.

Please visit Jane's website at www.janealexanderperry.com