Jeanne Hauser

Photography has been a passion of Jeanne Hauser ever since her early 20s when she bought my first camera, a Nikkormat SLR. She was first drawn to the medium as an art form when she began shooting in black and white and developing and printing her own photos. It is a magical experience to watch an image appear as if out of nowhere, looking the way she visualized the scene when she shot it, or maybe even better than that. When working in the darkroom or out shooting, she would lose herself in the moment. She become totally mindful, blocking out the world around her, and completely focused on the image she was trying to create. "Some people bungee jump off bridges to be forced into the moment. I take photos."

Having grown up just outside of New York City, she has always been drawn to and found solace in the anonymity of being a silent observer in a big city. She believe that this informs her attraction to photography as an exploration of place. The combination of travel and photography allows her to continue to open herself up to new and exciting experiences, challenging her on all levels as both a participant and an interpreter of the world around her. Another major influence is the natural world. It offers spiritual sustenance and constantly reminds her of the fact that life is a precious gift that we must enjoy in our every waking moment. Capturing the beauty of nature is one of her greatest joys.

Resisting the digital revolution at first, she now shoots with a digital camera when traveling. She carries her Holga to shoot with film for black and white. She is grateful to have the mixed perspectives gained from working with analog and digital photography and will continue to integrate both into the final output of her imagery.</a>