Jude Fauconnier

San Francisco-based artist, Jude Fauconnier’s watercolor paintings evoke the emotions of the earth and sky, as if that is all we will ever need. She then portrays figures as shadow, dream and reflection, where drippings of intense color fade into the rivulets of dried up riverbeds. Her creations form a link between the concrete form and the malleable abstraction. By endowing her craft with a spirit of play and exploration, her subjects are able to suspend their original form in color soak and drippings. Jude uses the tools at hand: straws for blowing wet paint, spray bottles, sponges and copper powder on Yupo paper, as well as a loose use of monotype technique. The result displays the forces of gravity in full effect and reveals her earlier influences of both photographic process and sculptural, three dimensional models.

Jude spent her early life in Paris and eventually moved to the United States when she was sixteen. She went on to study French Literature and moved to San Francisco in the “Gay Nineties.” She has traveled both the U.S. and Europe looking for inspiration in the urban environs such as Barcelona, where she spent many hours in the park Guell studying Gaudi, as well the more natural landscape of Montana where she lived for many years before relocating back to San Francisco. Jude is a self-taught painter whose unique style is obviously influenced by both her experience, her surroundings and her many influences that range from Colette to Banksy.

Jude has participated in several group shows at Art Explosion Open Studios since 2010. For more on Jude’s work, please visit: artexplosionstudios.com and: judef.com