Kate Langlois

At the heart of Kate Langlois's images is an interconnectedness, compassion and the expansiveness of Love. Always fascinated with the field of energies which exists beyond the physical, Kate listens deeply for the beauty of our world, in nature, imagination and dreams. The canvas holds these stories gathered, explored and reimagined. Kate considers herself mostly a Visionary Artist and part of the Contemporary Symbolism movement, a Storyteller.

Compelled to express stories with a social conscience, and explorations of the heart. Kate's paintings are created as a meditation and a bridge to the sufferings of the world while envisioning healing and beauty. Paint becoming the threads that weave these together, rising up from the unknown realms into form.

Kate began creating art in Vermont in the 1980’s and has been an artist in San Francisco, CA for over 25 years. Kate has studied with renowned artists Shiloh Sophia McCloud and Sue Hoya Sellars in Healdsburg, CA. She is a Certified Color of Woman Teacher, using the Intentional Creativity painting method for teaching self-empowerment, healing and transformation through creativity.

To learn more, visit Kate's website at www.katelangloisart.com