Keri Gailloux

Artist Statement

I’ve been involved with art since childhood. I was a ceramic artist for many years and have a background in film, photography and painting. Photography has been my favorite outlet but I have recently returned to painting as well, drawing creativity from the artists I encounter at SFWA and beyond.

For me, photography is a way of visually journaling an event or moment. Photographs are memories captured, as an insect in resin or a fossil. It is a way to immediately remember the moment, the surroundings, the light, the smell, sound, the sense of place and how I was feeling when taking the photograph. Our physical world changes so rapidly, that to be able to grab that shot when you can is everything.

I primarily print my images on rag paper. There is richness in the paper that reminds me of reading my favorite books. Now my favorite photos may be read the same way.

I use different cameras but I love the fluidness and immediacy of using the iPhone as a camera and being able to push the images to the online universe and have conversations with people all over the world in real time, in photographs.

Keri Gailloux


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Twitter: @myfingerscrossd

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