Kyrstyna Srodulski

Krystyna Srodulski is nationally known for the sensitivity she brings to all her illustrations. An award winning medical illustrator, she holds a degree in Psychology and a graduate degree in Medical Illustration, both from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She changed her initial plan to become a physician in her third year of premed when she found out about the field of Medical Illustration. It was an “aha” moment in her life when she realized she could combine her artistry with her love of science.

Growing up with the experiences of her parents who survived war-torn Poland during WWII helped shape the empathy she has for those who are vulnerable in society. It is with this in mind that Krystyna has recently turned her focus toward what is dear to her heart – animals. Through her work in medical illustration, she learned to capture the essential beauty of individuals through their eyes. Her animal art is more impressionistic, but at the same time, keeping a realism within the eyes in order to see a little bit of the soul of everyone she paints. As a pastel portrait artist of animals and children, her hope is that her art will bring awareness to the importance of having compassion and respect for all living beings.

Some of Krystyna’s work can be seen here: