Minia Dang-vu

Born in Saigon, raised in France, Minia is a self-taught painter and a Chi Nei Tsang practitioner. Her love for painting dates back to when she was a child. It was after studying the art market and other artists’s work for two years at school in Paris, that she felt the call to consciously pursue her own journey as an artist. She began with photography, traveling between Europe, Asia and the USA, while studying extensively different methods of self-development to deepen her knowledge in wellness and personal growth.


Painting became for Minia, an attempt to get more in touch with the language of the soul, especially the alchemy that happens through the energies of change and healing processes. She has been working mainly with acrylic and mix media on canvas. Following her intuition, Minia’s art is spontaneous, instinctive, impulsive but in quest for harmony and balance. The color, brush strokes, and movements translate the vibrant impermanence of life. The inspired viewer is often left meditative in a garden of new perceptions.

Minia looks at every opportunity to expand her consciousness, evolve, and connect. She believes that one can experience more freedom of health, mind, and spirit, by bringing more awareness within one’s life. Enriched by all of her personal and professional experiences, Minia has developed her own “Healing Arts”. She currently lives in San Francisco where most of her collections have been produced and is a SFWA (San Francisco Women Artists) member since December 2018. When not painting full time, she practices Chi Nei Tsang, travels, and is an urban organic gardener. Website: Instagram: @miniaarts