Pamela Mooney

Pamela Mooney is an artist living in the Bay Area.  She earned a BA in Philosophy at the University of California at Los Angeles and has taken numerous painting courses both in New York at the Arts Students League, and San Francisco, at the San Francisco Arts Institute.  Pamela has exhibited in many local juried exhibitions and recently was awarded first place for her painting I Will Worry About Tomorrow When It Comes from juror Donna Seager at the Marin Society of Artists. Pamela starts her paintings with photographs. She tries to create images that do not necessarily follow logical criteria, but instead makes use of our shared pictorial vocabulary that carries meaning through repeated use.  Subjective use of form, line and color are employed to resolve problems that arise in the process of painting. Outlines and simplified form are used to create the image with the least amount of detail.  Mistakes and false starts cause the painting to evolve into something unexpected.   The intent is not to recreate what is visually perceptible, instead it is to create an image that opens up the possibility for personal associations and connection. Website LINK