Rashmi Rajesh

rashmirajeshRashmi Rajesh's love for art started as a child with pencil sketching. She used to spend her free time drawing, learning through trial and error the techniques of shading. She would spend hours tirelessly on a single sketch, not giving up until she got it just the way she wanted. Later on, as an adult, she taught herself to paint in a similar fashion, first in acrylics then in oils, a variety of subjects such as seascapes, landscapes, florals, birds and animals. She's hooked on the warmth and charm of oil paints!

She would describe her style as something between Impressionistic and Realistic. As she starts a painting ,either inspired by one or a combination of images or maybe the colors she feels like using on a given day ,it is as if the picture starts to present itself gradually with each brushstroke,both within her mind and on the canvas, as a result, creating a completely different and unique scenario out of her imagination each time.  She likes the freedom of being able to go where the painting wants to take her until she's pleased by the end results. She changes things up every now and then, from using clean, smooth brushstrokes to creating texture by layering and using a palette knife, sometimes, a combination of both, depending on what she would like to achieve with her paintings.

Painting is to Rashmi what meditation is to others. She feels staying focused on a piece from start to finish, working from a blank canvas to a meaningful creation is extremely rewarding. She likes to use vibrant colors and play with light in her paintings that lift up her spirits and as an artist, it is even more validating when a viewer feels the same joy.

Rashmi is also a member of the Lamorinda Arts Alliance. Her artwork has been exhibited at the San Ramon Library (2013-solo), Pleasant Hill Art and Wine festival (2013,2014), Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek (2014), Pleasant Hill Senior Center (2014), Dougherty Station Community Center (2014-solo), Diablo Valley College Library (2015-solo), Creekside Arts festival in Clayton (2015), Piedmont Center for the Arts (2015), LafayetteTown Hall Theater(2015,2016), Moraga Pear&Wine festival(2015),Moraga Faire (2016) and was also one of the runners-up in the Artavita online contest for the Miami Spectrum Art Fair (2015).

Visit Rashmi's website at WWW.RASHMISARTCARTE.COM