Ruby Hong

Ruby Hong was exposed to art at an early age. As a kid, she dreamed of becoming a cartoonist by creating her own comic strips. At the age of 10, she discovered her love of photography as soon as she picked up a camera. She discovered her passion for composition, texture, color, and photojournalism. She studied art and photography throughout high school and college.

She received her degree from UCLA in art and design. Her studies include design, photography, film, screenwriting, storyboarding, animation, industrial design, textile design and ceramics. She believes that something that is beautiful can also be meaningful and emotional. In her career, she designs for tech companies producing online products and started her own design consulting company.

Her endless need to create drives her to explore many areas in art. She has shown at local galleries in recent years. During her spare time, she writes stories for a graphic novel. She recently published a book of her photos, Patterns in Nature.