Wendell Shinn

At the age of five, Wendell Shinn began painting in oils with his mother. He dreamed of being an artist for Walt Disney; later he discovered Salvador Dali and began a lifetime exploration into surreal images and absurdity. Studies in commercial art at Baylor University left him yearning for something more creative. His disappointment eventually led him into a variety of service industry jobs which supported his photographic experiments and study. After 42 years as a driver for hire he finally retired and resumed creative fine art, where photoshop and the digital age showed him the yellow brick road of his imagination. His composites aim to capture the energy of diverse environments in a landscape where Dali meets Disney at last. More recent studies have brought him into the world of panoramas and equirectangular (circular) panoramas. The playfulness of the ‘worm’s eye view’ and the ‘bird’s eye view’ made possible by the complex and multi-image stitching software now available intrigue him and add to his compositing forays. He is constantly looking for ways to challenge his viewers with an different and wonderful new view.

The Still Point Gallery Quarterly Review(Brunswick, ME) included a portfolio review in 2009. Recent shows include Pacific Art League, Arc Gallery, Center For Fine Art Photography, Dickerman Prints, Photo Place Gallery, Misho Abstract Gallery, ArtSpan’s Open Studios, Cafe Arrivederci, Aurora Restorante, and the Bay View Boat Club.

Website: wendellshinn.com