Yawen Winnie Chien

Yawen Winnie Chien was born in Taiwan and currently resides in San Francisco. Her drawings, paintings, photographs and book arts have been exhibited in Asia, UK, US, and she is excited and honored to be working with San Francisco Women's Artists.

Her path as an artist began as an excited and proud first grader, seeing her submission to a children's magazine in glorious print. More formal training in Western Classical and Chinese brush painting soon followed, and her study of Lingnan painting in high school sparked a particular joy in working with the immediacy and flow of water media.

While in Bristol, England, pursuing her MA in Digital Media, her interests and inspirations expanded to include photography, printmaking, experimental music and theater, European cinema and graffiti/ street art.

Artists who have inspired her include Qi Baishi, Paul Cezanne, Winslow Homer, Vincent Van Gogh, Dong Kingman, John Singer Sargent and J.M.W. Turner.

Ya wen enjoys art in many forms beyond the frame, and currently works in theater and cinema projects in addition to her painting, printmaking and photography. She enjoys travel, documenting her inspirations along the way.

See her work at yaart.blogspot.com/