Current Exhibition

GAIA – Age of Climate Change

  • September 11th - October 6th
    Thursday, September 13th,
    5:30 - 8pm
  • Juror: Kim Anno, artist and activist
  • List of Exhibition Artists
  • All work available for purchase. Contact the SFWA Gallery
GAIA - The Age of Climate Change

Join us for this Global Climate Action Summit 2018, Juried Bay Area Artist Exhibition

Exhibiting Artists:

Lennell Allen, Jennifer Arthur, Jenny E. Balisle, Nicole  Barens, Pam Borrelli, Charlotte Burgmans, Debbie Cain, Pat Calabro, Lara Cannon, Beth Cataldo, Christine Cianci, Theresa Comstock, Quin De La Mer, Ella Driscoll, Andrea Everitt, Jarv Falkard, Jude Fauconnier, Jacqueline Fried, Janey Fritsche, A.W. Gerber, Mark Grim, Kathleen Gross, Christopher Herrick, Kathryn Hyde, Candice Jacobus, Amy Keeler, Susan R. Kirshenbaum, Kishore, Jessica Levant, Marie Massey, Dan McGarrah, Patrick Mcguire, Susan Merrell, Catherine Moreno, Kelly Page, Yi Lin Pei, Susan Ruane, Janice Rumbaugh, Iris Sabre, Wendell Shinn, Rita Sklar, Melissa Stephens, Steve Sweetser, Jean Thrift, Virginia Van Zandt, Karla Welch, Ya Wen.




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Banner: Angela Han, Zduhaći 

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