Golden Gate Collectors Club

SFWA President, Pam Borrelli met with the Golden Gate Collectors Club last week, presenting some slides as well as some prints of our artists' work. She felt it was very well received and below is the letter received afterwords:

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Dear Pam,

On behalf of the San Francisco Collectors Club I wish to formally thank you for a very interesting and personable presentation on the “San Francisco Women Artists“ organization on Monday, February 3, at the L’Olivier restaurant in San Francisco. Giving us a history of SFWA at the start was very helpful as many of us were not familiar with your organization and its long history of supporting women in the arts. Most of us had no idea of the number of members you have now as well as the famous artists that were members throughout the years.

You selected a fine group of women artists for your gallery presentation. You also included many different styles and forms of artwork. We were particularly happy to see the artwork and postcards of many of the artists exhibited on the tables.

Thank you again for bringing SFWA to us. Several of our Golden Gate Collectors expressed an interest in visiting the SFWA gallery. Some are artists also and may decide to become members of SFWA.

It was a pleasure meeting both you and your guest, Stefanie, and I hope that both of you enjoyed your lunch and the time spent with our group. I am certain your membership in our organization would be welcome.



Barbara Hug, Vice President, Programming

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