Andrea Everitt – Featured Artist for May Show

For the second month in a row, we have featured one of our members at the monthly show. For GRIT, it was Andrea Everitt who had submitted three of her Fort Point images. On the wall is a statement which she also read at the reception:

Keeping in mind that Fort Point never saw battle . . .
How did the soldiers gird their sense of honor and purpose when “the call” never came?
In a time when manhood was measured by action and accomplishment, how did the soldiers-­in-­waiting measure up?
Could they measure up?
What stories did they tell themselves to buttress their pride?
As you look at these images of Fort Point, you don’t see the wounds of war. Instead, you see silence and the wounds of time and waiting. Restless ghosts, grappling with patience, are desperate to find contentment in thinking they would have been ready. Succeeding at that takes a certain amount of Grit.

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