Adriana Camacho

Adriana Camacho Le Boff was born near the family farm in the small town of Girardot, Colombia, the sixth of eight children. Growing up in Bogotá exposed her to el Realismo Magico, the magical realism that is Colombia, as when she stepped from the Debora Arango exhibit and the Fernando Botero museum to encounter a man on the street molding exquisite little creatures from the used plastic drinking cups he melted over a small flame. “Their intellect, imagination and resourcefulness inspire me always”.

A chance encounter one afternoon in San Francisco 20 years ago introduced her to her husband and the city she would call home.

After working and attending school for several years, she was able to devote much of her time to art. San Francisco City College offered her an exceptional opportunity to study and practice various mediums from watercolor to ceramics and drawing to acrylics.

She has collaborated with other artists for open studios here and in Bogotá and appreciates the chance to share and learn with them.

Her work in ceramic and clay can be somewhat pre-conceived, but her paintings often reveal themselves, as her brushstrokes convey a feeling, and then an image.

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