Aleksandra Zemlianitcyna

Born at the Lake Baikal, the largest and most beautiful lake on the planet, Aleksandra draws her inspiration from nature. She received a Master’s Degree in Law, but after studying arts and music in Saint Petersburg, Russia and San Francisco, she has devoted herself to painting. Through her travels, she has seen firsthand the diverse beauty of landscapes, animals, and people from all around the world. Her art is bright, colorful, textured, and conveys her deep feelings about the inherent beauty of our Earth. 
Aleksandra paints in oil, tempera and gouache, although her favorite medium is acrylic, which may come out as textured as oil, or as light and transparent as watercolor. She likes to paint living things, but most of all animals and people, trying to catch a glimpse of their soul in their eyes. Aleksandra always explores new artistic approaches, coming up with inventive techniques for her paintings. She lives in San Francisco and exhibits her art in local venues and galleries.