Andrea Everitt

Andrea Everitt, a printmaker, photographer, writer and entrepreneur, grew up in the Seattle/Tacoma area. She currently resides in San Francisco. Growing up, she spent her days outside hiking in the woods and waterfront near her home. In her adolescence, she considered herself a bit of a poet and enjoyed ceramics, but it was not until college that she really began to explore her abilities as a visual artist. With a friend’s encouragement, she took a beginning drawing class and the professor’s words stick with Andrea to this day – “Draw what you see.”

Most recently, her art has been revitalized by echoes from her childhood; the simple act of walking near her home. “My grandfather loved to walk and my grandmother was a painter so I guess all of that rattled around inside of me until it could come out as one thing. And undoubtedly, it is quite a delightful undertaking when home is San Francisco!”

Andrea leads small groups of 5-10 people on San Francisco walks at sunrise. The walks can range from 5 to 20 miles depending on the groups’ desire and include stops at local eateries as well as many points of interest. During the excursion, they enjoy the views, the food and each other, all during the gentle calmness of early morning.

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