April Sabangan

April was inspired by all the phenomenal photographs she saw on the pages of National Geographic magazines she would eagerly borrow from her grandmother’s neighbor as a child. She pursued her dreams of travel and adventure and in the process, developed an eye for photography. She has been to all seven continents and has documented the remarkable places and people she has seen along the way. Of particular interest to her is viewing landscapes from more unusual perspectives. Her photography has also focused on her work in global health. She hopes to highlight the amazing people she’s had the opportunity to work with and the importance of reaching out across different cultures and building bridges. While her work as a nurse at UCSF Medical Center occupies most of her time, April also works as Executive Director of Mission:BRAIN Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to improving neurosurgical care in underdeveloped countries. Additionally, she works with another organization, Footsteps To Healing, whose mission is to improve women’s health in Ethiopia by building clinical service and health care capacity. Photography is April’s creative outlet allowing her to express herself and incorporate some of the things she’s most passionate about.