Carol Andrews

Carol Andrews has been mixed media painting for more than thirty years. Since 1995 the focus has been the environment, in particular the human psyche in relation to the forest.

Andrews processes include chance methodologies, somatic expression, recycling canvases and collage. Her style was developed to mirror and respect the complexity, depth, and surprises found in nature. In 2003 the expression Woodscapes was coined to differentiate her interactive art relationship with forest spaces from the more traditional Cartesian objectification of the landscape.

Andrews has won grants and awards including: Anathasios Demetrios Skouras Prize from Amherst College, the Ford Foundation to complete her thesis painting project, Liquitex Corporation award while attending the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, grants from the Washington DC Council of the Arts, and Arlington, VA Council of the Arts, awards from the HARC Foundation, Los Angeles, and the Dana Art Foundation, Boonville. Exhibitions include Gallery 10, Ltd., Washington DC, Claudia Chapline Gallery, Stinson Beach, CA, Grace Hudson Museum, Ukiah, CA, Mirrors of the Mind, ArtShare LA., and at the Quick Silver Mine Company, Forestville, CA.
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