Caroline Kraus

Caroline Kraus grew up in the midwest and moved to San Francisco in the 1980’s. Since then, she has worked in a number of different settings as a Psychiatric Social Worker, and has been making collages for just a few years. Her eyes are drawn to unusual textures, color, and designs. She clips objects, words and people out of photos, menus, ribbons, cards, matchbooks, advertisements, and anything else she likes and puts them together to create something not seen before (sometimes bizarre, sometimes themed, or something else).

She has always liked seeing objects presented in unpredictable shapes and sizes (e.g.: doll house food, swimming pool floats that look like a donut when they are inflated, dollar bills flying in the air) and uses pictures of these frequently in her collages. Favorites often popping up are: water/ocean, windows, fish, pathways, views, shoes and fashion. Favorite artist: Roz Chast.