Cheree Reyna

Cherèe Reyna is a mother, wife, yoga instructor, & artist. She is a self taught artist that specializes in pen & ink, but also enjoys gauche painting. She has always had a love for drawing, but never devoted so much time & dedication as she has in this last year. She spends at least five days a week honing her craft. At first it was something she did to unwind & relax, but that soon changed & into something she must do. Her art manifested itself from a hobby to a full blown passion.

Cherèe is Mexican American & has an activist spirit. She’s a highly progressive person & felt rather lost & scared in the American political climate after 2016. She illustrates these issues in her art pieces. She wants her art to make the viewer feel & empathize with our world. An example is in her piece called Caged, which represents the locking up of migrant children & people of color in our prison system. She’s also supports animal rites & draws threatened & endangered species. She loves to draw nature, because she knows how important yet precious our natural planet is. This is her way of trying to change & influence the world, which can be very challenging as a woman of color.

She has taught pen & ink, mandala, & watercolor/gauche workshops. She has participated in art walks & local community events selling her pieces. She was recently approved to have her pieces hang at galleries in San Francisco & San Joaquin country.