Christine Cianci

I am a California native, San Francisco is my chosen home. I am an primarily a self-studied artist, studying the work of the ancient and modern masters first hand in major museums nationally and in Europe. The majority of my paintings are created on birch panels with traditional gesso and a suspended pigment, multi-layering technique to take best advantage of the light properties of the oil medium. My work is focused on the human figure because of its ability to draw out feelings in the viewer, being human ourselves. It is this world of evocation somewhere between history, myth, dreams and desire within the human condition that I endeavor in my paintings to convey. Each person creates their own symbols of remembrance with each new experience – our own personal history which over time, effects how we interpret images. My hope is that the symbolism found in my work is capable of not just telling my intended story, but that my paintings initiate thought or feeling independently of any original intention, creating a whole new story as seen through the lens of each person viewing them.
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