Ela Zul

Born and raised in Peru by a family of artists, it was only natural for Ela Zul a.k.a Micaela Martinez Saavedra to go down a creative path. At seventeen she had her first solo exhibition entitled “Intimidades” or “Intimacies” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cusco in 2013. Soon after, Ela Zul came to San Francisco to study at Academy of Art University where she received a double major in Art History and Fine Arts. She utilizes her art as a means to find stability amidst an indefinite world that’s plagued with injustice and climatic catastrophe. Primarily utilizing oils, painting becomes a portal for Ela Zul to hold her sorrows with a deeper sense of compassion. Her subject matters range from portraits of loved ones to self-portraits to depictions of dreams, and she without a doubt will feature bright splashes of saturated colors. While coming from a very personal headspace, the vulnerability of her work achieves a deep connection and intimacy with the viewer. You can view her art on her Instagram @elazulart