Elaina Acosta Ford

Since Elaina Acosta Ford was a child, two obsessions have ruled her life: creating art and devouring music. Her days were spent with her ears glued to her boombox and hand furiously drawing on stacks of paper. Crayons and Prince. Markers and Madonna. Charcoal and Weezer. Pastels and Arcade Fire. Colored pencils and The Flaming Lips.

In her twenties, her passion for music dominated. For much of the 2000s, she toured the country as the drummer in an indie rock band called Hot IQs. They were fortunate enough to play with Tegan and Sara, The Flaming Lips, Spoon, The Killers, and so many other amazing musicians.

The following decades have been dedicated to a resurgence of creating visual art. The impetus may well have been the birth of her high-spirited child. Her son’s birth has caused her to ponder the state of the world we are leaving, or not, to our children and grandchildren.

Her most recent pieces have been heavily inspired by nature, especially the inhabitants from the insect and animal world. Working with mostly with pastels and colored pencils, while grooving to her greatest hits, she has been creating representational works with a trace of the absurd and nostalgic. Themes explored include hope versus pessimism, light versus dark, and youth versus experience. Most recently, she has been portraying our relationship to the natural world and contemplating our role in endangering and potentially saving Mother Nature’s creatures. All the while she is hoping it is not “The End of the World as We Know It.”

Artist Website: elainaacostaford.com
IG: elainaacostaford