Elana Bober

Elana Bober’s work is inspired by seldom seen deep sea creatures in their dark and murky world. They come from a place virtually untouched by humans. As she studies and draws these specimens she transforms them into imaginary anthropomorphized characters. They knows something we don’t know … enlightened but not sharing.

Elana hand dyes each piece of paper. The volumes are created by water color and defined by the graphic black lines. She references fashion drawing techniques from long ago: swift graceful gestures adding a roll neck sweater here or a bishop sleeve there. These endless black marks function as surface design like cross hatchings of comic drawings or precise line-work of tattoos. Each piece takes many hours to create. The process is slow and methodical.

Elana studied fine arts as an undergraduate at Yale University, then went on to work as an assistant to a NYC based artist. Ultimately she veered away from fine arts and studied fashion design at Parsons School of Design culminating in a 15 year career in commercial design. Twenty five years later Elana is confidently returning to her first love with a proud and defined aesthetic and a fascination with the natural world.

Currently Elana lives with her husband and 2 daughters in San Francisco, her home for the past 15 years. Website LINK