Francine Commeignes

Francine Commeignes (com-en-ya) is an intuitive painter and art teacher. Her passion is to express the qualities and beauty of the embodied divine feminine and the many visceral forms of love. Francine aims to inspire, empower and awaken through beauty. Her bold visionary paintings include a variety of symbolic imagery, colours, sacred geometry with crystal infusions (the use of crystals in the artwork). Her paintings offer a multilayered entry point into the creative life force within all. How the art’s imagery is interpreted will be inspired by the viewer’s own life experiences and the stories they carry. 


Francine was born in Sydney, Australia where she studied fine arts (Bachelor of Art Education – College of Fine Arts, UNSW) and then taught art in various high schools over many years. On top of this, she painted murals for private and public spaces and taught art and creativity workshops to school children and adults in community centers.

She awoke to her passion for intuitive, visionary art in 2000 and began to travel, explore and learn with many teachers and practitioners of art and spirituality around the world. She has lived and worked in Sydney, London and Singapore and now resides in San Francisco.

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