Irene Soul Bee-kain

From the beginning drawings and photographs to acrylics on canvas or board; X’s and swirls, blues, pinks and gold; and hilly landscapes of the imagination.  Irene Bee Kain wants to take you to a place you’ll want to visit, explore and enjoy.

Growing up in San Francisco, Cynthia Tom mentored Irene Bee Kain aka…Soul at The Shipyards, where these women explored and created Creative Art and Fashion. They enjoyed  a successful studio collaboration- teacher and student. As the years passed, Irene continued to create jewelry, painting and redesigning clothes and furniture. You will notice Irene’s current focus, mixing new technologies with painting and photography, creating a magical vibe in various enjoyable ways. 

Her acrylic paintings Recycle for a Better Tomorrow and Hazy Morning were chosen for Walnut Creek’s, The Big Belly Project.