Irina Evangelidy

Irina Evangelidy’s mother, an architect, taught her to love arts and architecture passionately. From earliest days Irina was surrounded by artists and writers who often visited their home. As a child Irina had attended an art school and then later graduated from one of the oldest, premier Russian Art Schools, Odessa’s College of Arts, where she received an academic, classical education.

In Odessa Irina worked as a professional artist creating murals (encaustic) and ceramic sculptures/Installations for public places such as kindergartens, hotels, administrative buildings and entertainment venues. She also worked as a costume designer for Odessa’s Film Studio where she participated in 8 movie productions.

In 1989 Irina moved to San Francisco to join her family. She worked for Heath Ceramics in Sausalito where she designed dinnerware for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Later she decided to dedicate all of her time to painting.

Thanks to a very academic art education and Irina’s professional experiences, she is uniquely positioned to work in almost any media and frequently changing art styles depending on the subject and her visions, whether it is oil and acrylics or watercolors and gouache or pastel and pencils. The scope of work ranges from representational to abstract. Irina often attends figure drawing sessions to sharper her drawing skills and understanding of a human body.

Irina has participated in numerous California Art Festivals and exhibited her works in a number of galleries on the West Coast. Her works can be found in private collections throughout the US.

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