Jade Zabrowski

Jade Zabrowski is a California native, living and working in the San Francisco Bay area for most of her life. Her work is deeply inspired by the Bay Area and her personal experiences there.

Jade’s work explores dream realms, secret messages, and visions. Emotional and spiritual experiences inform her imagery. She works in several different media, painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture.

Jade is mostly self-taught, but has studied with brilliant teachers through continuing education at San Francisco Art Institute, Crown Point Press, Chrysalis Press, San Francisco State University and San Francisco City College.

Her work has been shown in juried shows at San Francisco Art Institute, Mina Dresden Gallery, Sanchez Art Center, Art for Aids, San Francisco Women Artists Gallery, and Artspan, where her work received juror awards. She is an avid participant in San Francisco Open Studios each fall.

Her website is http://wideeyesstudio.blogspot.com/