Jaya Lakshmi

Jaya grew up in New Delhi, India. She is a science graduate with a Master’s in English literature and a senior diploma in painting. 

She was a teacher by profession for 25 years, and in 2011 she took voluntary retirement and immersed herself in creating her paintings. From childhood, she was intrigued by nature and its mysteries. Her love reflects in her art.

She was introduced to art at the age of 18 by an artist friend of her father. Due to her scientific bent of mind, she experimented with all types of mediums she could get her hands on. Being one of the few painters in India who adopted encaustic art as her chosen medium, she has blazed a trail that has its origins in a technique first perfected by ancient Egypt.

An artist in Denver instigated Jaya’s journey down the encaustic art route, where she was privy to an exhibition in which an artist embedded a button into her painting. On seeing her curiosity, the artist asked her to search for an encaustic medium. This encounter was the starting point of Jaya’s quest in Encaustic.

The search that Jaya embarked upon took a decade and more of her time as a professional artmaker had to pry into the secrets of encaustic art-making.

Today, this established encaustic artist has earned an enviable status for herself in art fraternity. With ten solo shows and more than 50 group shows to her credit, and in galleries of national standing.  

Her works are acquired by the Museum Of Sacred Art, Belgium. They are also in private collections in India, Hungary, Prague, UK, Spain, USA and other parts of the world.