Jenny Marie Wurz

Jenny Marie Wurz is a self-taught artist whose work is guided by life events. In her art, she hopes to capture an expression of emotion through the use of color blending, and leave an opening for interpretation of self-expression in an abstract medium. As an emerging artist she began painting in 2014 using acrylics, watercolor and eventually incorporating elements of the environment such as sand, recycled metals and cotton fabrics. Pieces are a reflection of mood, created in layers of color and texture. Each layer is created in one phase during which the paint remains wet and can be manipulated, blended until set. Through her work, she is encouraging the viewer and the artist to understand, misunderstand, inspire and spark conversation between one-another.

She was born and grew up in upstate New York, and attended college and graduate school in Boston at the Massachusetts college of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Jenny Marie is an actively practicing primary care PA in San Francisco in Family Medicine. She views medicine and painting similarly, both being art forms which translate across all spectrums of humanity and bring us together in a universal form of communication. Jenny describes painting as a journey of in-eloquently placed blobs of color that move and intertwine to form shapes and feeling, breathing life into the canvas. In painting she finds ” a reunion with joy and an indulgence in emotion which could not be found through any other medium.” She hopes the creative outlet will serve as inspiration for others interested in healing and self-discovery through creation and viewing of art.

Her work has been exhibited at Dada Bar (June-July 2015), Minna Street Gallery in San Francisco (2/2015), The Pacific Art League Abstractions show in Palo Alto (2/2015), Illustrations shown at Ruby Skye RAW-natural born artists exhibition in San Francisco (4/2015) as well as underground local art shows in San Francisco including Pancakes and Booze at the Minna Street Gallery and Chocolate and Art at SoMArts Cultural Center. She was awarded First Place Acrylic for “Autumn Tumbler” in 2015 on Focus Point Shape International Online Art Gallery and is currently a member of both ArtSpan SF and RAW Natural Born Artists.

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