Joeann Edmonds Matthew

When venturing out on a photo-roam, I often don’t have a particular essay or project in mind.  I capture whatever catches my eye, guided by the light.  Of course, there are my favorite subjects, things that live or move.  I record the image and usually know when I have a good one.

 Sometimes it needs embellishment and that is where imagination begins.  Adding a spaceship, filling a room with unlikely inhabitants, adjusting the exposure (darkroom-like dodge and burn), or just straightening it out.  I can spend months on an image until I get the right parts and the story completed. Then, the fine tuning begins.  I work in Photoshop Elements, a less complicated form of Photoshop.  My technique is often “lets see what this does”.

I generally don’t make scenes that express angst or worry, I prefer to express… Personality or ” What If “.  I definitely want to have fun or escape during the hours/days/months of processing.