Kishore~ Flickeringability

Kishore is a San Francisco-based amateur photographer. Conceptual fine-art photography is his primary interest, with typical subjects being people, streets and cityscapes. He enjoys collaborating with local and international models, make-up artists, and also with artists from outside the photography-realm such as designers and dancers. Some of his photography seeks to showcase the beauty of San Francisco – in its own right and also as a setting for ‘stories’.

Kishore’s photographs have been selected to Flickr’s top photographs of the day several times. Apart from being in exhibitions at the SFWA, they have been displayed at the Little Boxes Theater in San Francisco, and at FAB Studios in Oakland. He takes the most joy in his images being ‘posted’ in the portfolios of those he collaborates with, or unexpectedly being adapted into a theme for a tattoo or used as visual accompaniment to a clip of music.

His on-line presence is under the name, FlickeringAbility, and his images can be viewed at