Laura Abrams

Laura Abrams is a visual artist and writer with a long career focusing on arts education and community programs in the performing arts. She holds an Art History degree in modern art from UCLA and a masters from NYU in Performing Arts Administration, completed with a thesis on Art in Public Places. Most recently, she worked at Cal Performances developing university and community partnerships to promote artistic literacy through activities that nourished interdisciplinary understanding in and through the arts. She is former board president at MOCHA, the Museum of Children’s Arts, and is a member of the Northern California Women’s Caucus for Art.

In tandem with these experiences, Laura has continued her own art practice through drawing, beadwork, and mixed media collage. She has developed a format of paper quilt squares built as multidimensional shadow boxes using mixed papers, aluminum foil, glitter, organic elements such as flower petals, leaves, and garden soil, colored pen and pencil, and other found objects. These miniature environments often include narrative and figurative elements and may stand alone or be combined into larger “quilts.”

Expressing a colorful, surrealist aesthetic, Laura is inspired by nature, folk arts, puzzles, and improvisational jazz. A new blog centers on thoughts around finding meaning through artistic experiences, and can be found at  LINK