Leyi Yang

Leyi (Ruby) Yang is enthusiastic about her mostly large-scaled canvases, covered with layers ofpaints, extremely vibrant colors, a touch of untamed drawing of shapes, and fragmentedwords. Characterized by continuously expanding investigation into painting, her practicetransformed into multi-media, that allows her to unfold the space in painting into spaces withindigital media, real-life spaces, and performance. She is continuously researching what is itbeyond the meaning of language, beyond the meaningless. Different media helped her tounleash her thoughts and literalize her understanding to the path of finding the essence.Greatly inspired by cubism and concrete poems that involves deconstruction and recreation offorms and meanings, Leyi is willing to go further down the path of researching and developingher works.Leyi currently lives and works in Bay Area, CA. She graduated with a BFA from the School ofthe Art Institute of Chicago in 2017, and an MFA at San Francisco Art Institute in 2020. Herworks have been included in group exhibitions and Film Festivals in Chicago, upstate NewYork, San Francisco, Missouri, and Beijing, China.