Michele Paris-seubert

Michèle Paris-Seubert grew up in Southern France and now resides in California.
She often uses her own photographs as the basis for her drawings and paintings. Her artwork is representational and highly personal as she incorporates into her work her emotional response to the places she has visited. Michèle is a devoted follower of Vincent Van Gogh and John Singer Sargent, whose brushstrokes, palette and love for light have strongly influenced her painting.
Michèle works primarily in watercolors and oils, and recently wrote a bilingual children’s story in English and French which she illustrated with watercolors.
Michèle is also an accomplished photographer. Her photographs can be very realistic or abstract as she loves to play with shapes. She has done some work with the infrared camera and one of her photographs won first place with the San Mateo County Convention and Visitors Bureau.