Nora Sarkissian

Nora Sarkissian enjoys pushing the boundaries of the clay medium: She uses the techniques of studio pottery to convey the philosophies of subconscious imagery and stream of consciousness prose to push ceramics out of its traditional utilitarian realm.  This type of working becomes ceramic sculpture.
     C.G. Jung referred to subconscious imagery as “prima material”.   This idea is central to her work.  The sculptures she creates are unfilitered poetic expressions;  they are whimsical and animated images of man and nature drawn from personal experience as well as mythology and dreams.  Each piece is a journey, as she works she allows each image to emerge spontaneously from the previous one, a metaphor for the soul’s journey.
     Her materials consist of clay and a variety of stains and glazes.  Found objects may be used.  She layers and fires the pieces according to a specific process of experimentation to achieve the effect she desires.  The pieces are at times collage like, as there are various components woven together, much like our lives, segments brought together in order to create a narrative.  A piece is completed when she feels it captures the idea she wishes it to convey.
     Although a native of Massachusetts, over the past 30 years Noa have spent time in Germany, England, (where she studied acting/theatre),  Boulder Colorado, San Francisco, Providence, Rhode Island and now resides and works in Santa Cruz.   She was a potter’s apprentice in Germany and she received an MFA from San Jose State University.
     She teaches creative clay classes to children and adults in Santa Cruz, and the Palo Alto Art Center, and SPECTRA. Link