Olga Nadukhovskaya

Olga is a San Francisco based artist working in acrylic on canvas. She was born and lived in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine. Colorful traditions and vibrant colors of the Ukraine countryside left a strong impression on her. She always liked to draw, but in later years Olga discovered the amazing possibilities that acrylic on canvas provided. Having had no professional art training gives her the encouragement and freedom to simply create using her imagination instead of trying to find a balance between educational training and personal expression. She focuses on the play of colors and images. She rarely takes sketches, but starts to paint on canvas and lets her imagination take a lead. Painting with open mind, letting the images flow to canvas, is the way to paint for Olga. She pays a lot of attention to details in her paintings. She draws inspiration from memories, books, surroundings, other painters and, of course, imagination.