Pamela Mooney

Pamela Mooney is an artist who lives and works in the Bay Area, but who grew up in the suburbs of Southern California.  After earning a BA in Philosophy at the University of California at Los Angeles she moved first to NYC where she studied painting at the Arts Students League and then she moved to the bay area to continue her studies at the San Francisco Institute of Art and California College of the Arts.  Currently she exhibits her work in juried exhibitions across the country.

Artist Statement

I usually start a painting with a view to considering a theme that can be told through the use of the human figure.  I collect potential photographic sources over time – photographs found online, or sometimes photographs taken from my family albums.   Currently I am working on figures in three quarter view – sometimes seated, sometimes standing – and still lifes.  When painting, sometimes saturated colors are used for dark values and colors that don’t belong are added.  Color might be separated from the form – I try not to have the color follow the form, instead I place it lying on top of the form or have the color go beyond the form, creating flat areas of color.  In these instances I like to draw, and have line describe the form.  In all of this it is usually the unplanned marks that create additions which result in new approaches and then new paintings painted simultaneously together, each one influencing the other.

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